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Jacob Dinesen from Denmark is just 26 years old but writes songs and sings like he is twice the age. Jacob Dinesen is a young storyteller with an incredible voice and an old soul. He plays an Americana inspired crossover between rock, folk and country. He grew up in Tønder, in the rural area of Southern Denmark. Far away from the big cities. Jacob took his first steps on the soil of the Tønder Festival (a Danish festival of folk, roots, traditional music and Americana). which has influenced and formed him ever since.

In 2008 a 13-year-old Jacob Dinesen randomly meet the seminar English singer-songwriter Allan Taylor at Tønder Festival. The meeting was the eureka point of a friendship and a mentorship that developed over the year despite an age difference of50 years between the two. 13 years later Jacob Dinesen and Allan Taylor joins forces on the title song on the new Jacob Dinesen album: The Joker’s Hand.

”He started as a hero of mine, later he became my mentor and one of my dearest friends.He has guidedme over the years and taught me everything I know about song-writing and life on the road. We have played together many times and had amazing experiences. I am truly honoured to finally do this with my mentor, my friend. The great Allan Taylor” –says Jacob Dinesen.

Back in Denmark Jacob Dinesen has released 4 albums, been certified gold and platinum, and is on heavy radio rotation. He is selling albums in a time and market where everyone else is counting streams. He has also been selling out shows all over the country the last 5 years, playing venues and even arenas, along headlining festivals.

Besides Denmark Jacob Dinesen has also played Americana Fest in London, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Faroe Island. Not bad for a kid who grew up as far away from the big city as possible in the rural area of Tønder, Denmark.

The Joker’s Hand is the 5th album by Jacob Dinesen, and the first album released internationally. The two main singles: “Too Many Hours” & “I Need Some Time” presents a contemporary rock sound blending electronic elements into the traditional soundscape of guitars, bass and drums fronted by the powerful rock voice of Jacob Dinesen.